One of the cheaper mattresses are those based on bonellow springs. The filling of such a product consists of many interconnected springs, arranged one next to another in the shape of an hourglass. The springs thus form a single, joint mechanism. The whole is covered with foam, felt or other material, so that the whole structure is safe to use. You can find this mattresses online delivery or in furniture stores dublin.

This kind of mattress – unfortunately, although quite durable – does not provide full comfort of use. After a night of sleeping on such a surface you can get up rested, but when one person gets up from the mattress, the other feels the vibrations. This is why it is not the right product when looking for a mattress for a couple. This type of product also does not fit our body, does not provide comfortable support for natural curves, which means that the muscles do not rest as they should, and after a few years the spine has enough and responds to such conditions with severe pain. A bonell mattress has one advantage – it adjusts to the weight of the person who rests on it. The springs bend to the sleeping weight – this is why this type of mattress is very often used in hotel rooms.