The kitchen for a young married couple with a child is modern and suits the tastes of adults, but is fully adapted to the needs of the youngest household member. How to arrange it to be comfortable and safe for the whole family?

Kitchen for a single and for a family are two completely different worlds. While in the first case we can opt for a striking or even designer minimalism, a family kitchen should be practical and safe above all. A comfortable family kitchen doesn’t have to be large and spacious. But it is important that it is well organised, i.e. functional and practical. The kitchen is not just a place to store food and cook. It is also often used as a dining room and a place for family meetings.

The main feature that a family kitchen should have is its large capacity. After all, more households mean more dishes, pots and pans, food products and often also small household appliances. And all this must be accommodated somewhere. If we have a small room, it’s worth to think about high top cabinets (to the ceiling). It’s a good way to store rarely used but needed items and equipment.

A dining table for eating together is a must for every family. Ideally if we have a separate dining room. If we have a spacious kitchen where we can fit a table for several people, it’s great too. But what if our apartment is not too big and the kitchen itself is very small? In this case, we have two exits. By getting rid of the partition wall, we can open the kitchen to the living room. This will give us a lot of space, and the whole apartment will optically grow. Setting the table between the kitchen and the living room will contractually separate the two rooms.The second, much less practical solution is to place the dining table in the living room. This has its advantages and disadvantages, but sometimes there is simply no other option.