Worktops are an extremely important part of any kitchen. What dimensions should they have in order to make their use comfortable and trouble-free?

Worktop width

The width of the tabletop (or actually the depth) should be at least 60 cm (which is standard). If necessary, e.g. pipes protruding from the walls, which move cabinets and appliances away from the wall, we can use a wider countertop. Laminated tops can be up to 120 cm wide, while stone tops can be cut to a larger size.

Thickness of the worktop

The most popular thickness of tops is 3.8 cm. This thickness allows for easy installation of a sink and a cooktop. Such countertops are also very durable and do not need additional reinforcement. Thicker countertops (e.g. 4.8 cm) may require customised solutions when installing appliances in them. They also look very massive, so they can overwhelm a kitchen that is not too big.

Worktop height

The height of the countertop, appropriately adjusted to our height, will allow us to work comfortably in the kitchen. Currently there are two heights: 85 and 90 cm. The height of countertops should therefore be adjusted to individual preferences and height of the household.