Anyone who has tried to clean a mirror knows that it is not that simple, especially if we want to avoid streaks. Often when we finish cleaning, we don’t see them, but it’s enough for the sun to shine and all we can do is enjoy the clean surface of the mirror…

<h2>So how to deal with them?</h2>

Of course, you can try to clean them with special chemicals. Nowadays, shop shelves are bending over under their weight – the choice is huge. But we can do well without them.

One way is a good quality microfibre cloth and … clean water. YES! You can avoid any chemicals to wash the mirror. This idea may appeal to people who care about the environment.

You can also wash the mirror with water and soap, but be careful with the amount of water, because sometimes it gets under the surface of the mirror creating unsightly black marks.

A 4:1 mixture of water and vinegar is also a good way to do this. It is best to place the mixture in a windscreen washer and spray the mirror with it, just like a cleaner. Then the surface of the mirror should be thoroughly polished, preferably with paper towels.

The above ways to clean the mirror are only a few suggestions. It is also worthwhile to reach for the knowledge and experience of our parents or grandparents – they had to deal with such things often without access to any chemicals.