Wooden furniture requires special care. They are very susceptible to liquids and moisture, so when wiping them wet, it is worthwhile to wipe them with a dry cloth after each such action. When some liquid is poured onto a wooden table, it should be removed from the surface as soon as possible to minimize the risk of absorption.

There are many types of wood cleaning and care products available in shops, but you should be very careful when handling them. And if you decide to buy one of them – first it is good to check its effect on a little visible surface, because it can destroy a piece of furniture unknowingly in this way, and in addition, manufacturers usually do not accept complaints made about this type of event. Therefore, if the manufacturer of the furniture you have bought or are planning to buy recommends a specific care product, it is worth using it, because then there is a guarantee that nothing bad will happen to the furniture under its influence. In case of purchased products, make sure that they are intended for wooden furniture. You should also make sure that the care product you buy is suitable for the type of wood that is on the furniture.

It is best to use a soft, clean cloth, e.g. microfibre, for both cleaning and care.

Remember that proper care of wooden furniture extends both its life and a nice, fresh look.