A large kitchen is a great opportunity to arrange. More cabinets and appliances, space for a functional island and even a dining table. What to choose? There are many ideas, and we present a few examples of arrangements. Large and spacious kitchen furnitures are the domain of houses, especially the old, rural ones. In such places, retro-style kitchens are ideal, with a large pantry for homemade preserves and exposed herbs. In new construction we also find kitchens with a large area, especially when it is connected to the living room.

Here the possibilities of arrangement are almost limitless. Of course, we are limited primarily by the budget, because a large kitchen is usually a big expense. When planning the arrangement of a large kitchen, he must remember to make the work in it comfortable and comfortable. Let’s make sure that the spaces between household appliances are not too big. Otherwise, we overlap a lot when preparing meals.